A science fiction novel set in a post-cyberpunk world, struggling with the rise of corporate gangs and untamed technology.

“My name is James Tucker of the MercurEx Corporation. I live in a world of privilege and influence. I move among the Bluezone’s glitterati and corporate executium. I am an überman, a technopreneur revered by my fans and my by fellow citizens. The truth is, most of all this I inherited from my late father, Frank Tucker.
I inherited his business. His connections. His friends.
And probably his insane, disarming charm.
But I’ve also inherited all of his problems.
His political baggage.

His enemies.

And as it turns out I’ve apparently inherited my father’s own personal crime syndicate. A private army of slumlords and their goons. Where this gang’s loyalties lay I can’t say. All I know is that my world will never be the same again.

So welcome to the human jungle, a place where life and death feed on just four basic ingredients; money, power, sex and fear.”

The Bluezone: Somewhere deep within this last bastion of democratic society, segregated from the chaotic slums and destitute refugee camps, lurks a technology that could either push civilization further into the abyss or bring forth its salvation.

Struggling to save his innovative hybrid techno-finance company from malign threats leftover from twenty-two years of severe economic depression, a young Uberman ends up fighting for his life against ruthless enemies. Corporate Banksters are increasingly adopting unscrupulous strategies and tactics. Dangerous slumlords have infiltrated every facet of the economy and run their gangs like small quasi-nations. Rebellious artificial intelligent entities, which may or may not believe the human world actually exists, are going rogue.

To make matters worse, the Bluezone government, so obsessed in asserting its authority, is willing to risk all-out civil war. Not that James Tucker, a war veteran and corporate Uberman by the age of nineteen, and a staunch proponent of alternative economic theorem, minds putting his life on the line. At stake is the destruction of his country, the disillusionment of his fans, and the prospect of betraying a promise he made to his daughter.