The Five Internets

A look at the mind-mapping process behind the development of future of the internet, or The Five Internets as it ended up being called in the novel.

The Cobweb

This is the old internet, the dysfunctional mess we use today. In the near future, this will still be around but no one in their right mind would want to use it.


Designed and deployed by Meganat’s Jim Dochersky, this private internet utilises low-earth-orbit satellites to connect paying customers.


A closed Wide-Area-Network, this optical web is the first private and secure internet used by governments and corporations.


A peer-to-peer, NearMe-Area-Network, this open internet applies handsets that act as relay mesh-stations for communication traffic. The more devices in the vicinity, the faster and deeper the coverage.

Angry Tree

This is the hacker’s internet that funnels into existing communication networks, employing ‘dryware’ to create branches between them.