Superzoids die Superquick


“As a new generation adapts to the new oral technology, literacy rates are set to plunge within the next two decades. Already the cheaper manifestations of zoids have made it unnecessary for a vast number of humans to read or write. With the cost of education skyrocketing, the use of language will inevitably devolved into what it was millennia ago.”




When seizing control of a public company your number one priority is to devastate current management. Compensate by keeping existing rules and company culture, but do exact a tribute for this. Set up your own old guard. In fact, run it in person for as long as necessary to achieve this.

25 Rules for the Modern Uberman
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Wholly owned businesses have rigid loyalty structures which make them harder to acquire. If they don’t want to sell there’s nothing much you can do about it. If they do sell or are forced to give up their business the management void they leave behind makes it easier for you to administer.

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Partnerships, on the other hand, have many allegiances within the organisation making them easier to acquire but much harder to administer. There’ll always be loyalties directed to one partner or another.

Reform or Die

Social Capitalism

“I think we in the Old West had a few decades to improve the economic model and failed to do so, so now we have lost the game.” – zassygirl19

“All of the end of the world scenarios such as economic collapse will be in response to the government’s actions. The government is the biggest threat to the city-state especially when you have people like Edwards and Dochersky in positions of power with virtually no oversight. The Senate would not dare challenge Dochersky.” – 060Prepper090

“If we don’t do something soon, the shit will be over for the type of social-capitalism that many of us have lived through and thought was the best type of capitalism.” – zanzara2141 



“In most areas of the world, food security is no longer a given, thus over 800 million people are poised to perish by the time we celebrate the New Year. Water and land mismanagement, climate destabilization, neo-colonialism and kleptocracies have robbed the majority of humanity of its land and capital. Wealth has been squandered protecting wealth so the capacity for any viable reinvestment in humanity has now become non-existent. What lies ahead is unprecedented, unpredictable and very, very dark.”