Fortresses can be advantageous and disadvantageous. They are good because you’re in a castle. It’s a safe place to be.

They are bad because you’re in a castle. You’re stuck there. If you’re a defender on the inside make sure you are not hatred in there. If however, you’re attacking from the outside don’t try bashing down the door. They’ll pour hot oil on you and shoot you with arrows.

Instead, set up a siege.


Rule 14: MONEY vs. LOYALTY

Power based on money is very easy to achieve. But once you have it, it can easily fall apart. Anyone can be bribed. Mistrust, greed sets in, bang, you’ve lost your power.

Power based on loyalty is very difficult to achieve. Nobody ever trusts anybody or even really understands what the term loyalty actually means. But on the other hand, once you do establish your power based on loyalty, you can become… invincible.



When seizing control of a public company your number one priority is to devastate current management. Compensate by keeping existing rules and company culture, but do exact a tribute for this. Set up your own old guard. In fact, run it in person for as long as necessary to achieve this.

25 Rules for the Modern Uberman
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